Chas Stephens

Founder and President

Chas Stephens founded the C.E. Stephens Co. Inc. in January of 2001. Chas started his career in packaging with another local packaging supplier where he was employed for 13 years before striking out on his own. With over 25 years of experience in packaging and distribution and a creative mind Chas has the ability to combine knowledge and thought to successfully come up with packaging solutions for even the strangest applications. Chas is relentless in his pursuit to satisfy the needs of the company’s customers both existing and potential.

Chas is a 7th generation Louisvillian, still living on the property that his four great’s grandfather settled in 1790 in a house that his three great’s grandfather built in 1820. Chas’ roots run deep in the region. A 1979 graduate of Jeffersontown High School Chas attended Centre College and the University of Louisville. Chas believes that Louisville’s rich traditions and the fact that the area did not grow aggressively during the 90’s this area is prime for thoughtful development and redevelopment in future years that will be a model for other communities.

When not working Chas can be found: preserving his almost 200 year old Federal home, tending the gardens, creating with the bounty, sharing with friends and family, sitting on the back porch with his wife Kim, racing sailboats on the river, taking a road trip, antiquing, enjoying the fact that his children are grown.

Tim Ising

Partner and Sales Manager

Tim Ising started his employment with the C.E. Stephens Co. in the spring of 2008. Tim first worked in the warehousing and distribution industry and lastly for another packaging company in the Louisville area before bringing his talents to the C.E. Stephens Co. Tim has an understanding of what customers need and how to effectively provide them with the products and services required to make their business run smooth. Tim’s desire to satisfy customers is unparalled in the region.

Tim is a 5th generation Louisvillian and a graduate of Trinity High School (1997). Tim received his BS degree from the University of Louisville (2003). Tim is dedicated to the community and enjoys seeing the region grow and prosper. Tim enjoys the diverse communities that lie within this region. Even with Louisville’s rich history Tim believes that this community is very young with an incredible potential to develop into an arena for business and community development in a way that will be astonishingly different yet very positive.

When not working Tim can be found: At his home relaxing with his wife and two young girls. Tim is a fixture in his church community and participates eagerly whether it be coaching the youth teams in sports or organizing the fish fry’s.