About C.E. Stephens Co. Inc.

With the desire to start an old fashioned brick and mortar distributing company Chas Stephens founded the C.E. Stephens Co. Inc. in Louisville Kentucky where he has been a lifelong resident. Finding the proper supplies to safely ship our customer’s product(s) is what over 20 years of knowledge brings to the table for our customers.

In our centrally located 10,000 square foot warehouse many basic and regularly used items are always in stock. With our manufacturing partners and other distributors we have access to just about anything that is produced relative to the packaging industry and have it to you on short notice. From a case of product to a truckload we can competitively deliver the goods.

Feel free to contact either Chas Stephens or Tim Ising anytime. We want to be your packaging experts. We will come to your facility and meet with you face to face to address your packaging and facility supply needs. Every situation is different; we can cater to your desires and tailor a program that fits your needs.

Distribution is a pretty simple concept. You buy in a large quantity from a manufacturer, bring it to a central warehouse, and then effectively transport it in smaller quantities to the individual(s) that are going to use it. Many organizations try to complicate this process resulting in a less than acceptable experience for the customer.
- Chas Stephens

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